Passwordless Authentication

2 min. readlast update: 06.25.2021

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This feature has currently been released for public Beta testing.

Passwordless Authentication allows you to enable 2-factor authentication without using an authentication application. Once configured, an automated phone call will be made to the phone number you have set up. You will be required to answer the phone and input your preconfigured 4-8 digit PIN number into the telephone's keypad before being logged into the ThreatLocker Portal.

To set up Passwordless Authentication, navigate to the Administrators page and click the 'Edit' button next to the user you want to enable Passwordless Authentication on.


In the popup window that opens, scroll down to the '(Beta) Passwordless Phone Number:' input box. Input the phone number you wish to use. Note: Any non-US phone numbers require the country code to be added(e.g. +44). 

 In the 'Passwordless PIN:' text box, input the 4-8 digit PIN number you want to use.


Click the 'Save' button in the top left corner.

To log in using Passwordless Authentication, input your ThreatLocker username. Then click the 'Passwordless Login' button.


You will receive an automated voice call that will prompt you to enter your PIN and then press the '#' key. You will then be logged into the ThreatLocker Portal.

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