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Kaseya BMS Ticketing Integration

  • Navigate to Integrations on the left Navigation Pane
  • Select "New Integration"
  • Select "Kaseya"

You will need access to the following information from the BMS instance you wish to integrate: (BMS Friendly Name is whatever you would like to name the Integration)

  • BMS Server URL
  • BMS Company Name
  • BMS Username
  • BMS Password

  After entering the API credentials, click save and test. If the API successfully connects you will be seeing the options to " Create Tickets in BMS, Update Contracts, and BMS and ThreatLocker Accounts. 

Create Tickets in Kaseya BMS:

The Options for Queue, Status Bms Issue Type and Priority, are subjective to your organizations needs. But are reuired to make sure the ticket flow is handled correctly. 

Do you want to allow ThreatLocker to update contracts?

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It is extremely important that the clients are mapped, otherwise request for new software will not flow through. Adding in the Account Contract on this portion of the integration is not necessary for the ticket flow. 

The very last step will require us to update the "Default Policy" for the WorkStations Or Servers groups for each client's respective groups.  


  •  Navigate to Application Control -> Policies
  • Select The Workstation/Servers Group on the dropdown on the top right 
  • Type "Default" in the search bar and click search
  •  When the Default Policy appears, click the Pencil Icon 
  • Scroll down to" Do you want to notify administrators when a user request permission"
  • Select The radio button to "Notify the following admins"
  • Click the dropdown and select, "Integration: BMS Friendly Name"
  • Click Save on the top left 
  • Select "Click to Deploy Policies" on the top left