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Allowing ThreatLocker through your Firewall

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If you utilize any form of internet filtering or proxy, you may need to allow the ThreatLocker Agent access to the ThreatLocker Datacenters.


We only require port 443 for all traffic to ThreatLocker.

By Hostname

You will need to allow access to:

  • api.threatlocker.com
  • api.b.threatlocker.com
  • api.c.threatlocker.com 
  • core.threatlocker.com
  • portal.threatlocker.com
  • portal.b.threatlocker.com
  • portal.c.threatlocker.com 
  • webapi.threatlocker.com
  • webapi.b.threatlocker.com
  • webapi.c.threatlocker.com 

By IP Addresses

If you are unable to allow by hostname, you will need to allow the following IP ranges:


Additional Hostnames relating to our Cyber Hero LiveChat

Please also add our third-party chat resource to your list of exclusions to prevent any potential issues related to using our Cyber Hero chat system. They are as follows:

  • *.cdn.livechatinc.com
  • *.livechat.com
  • *.livechatinc.com
  • *.livechat-static.com
  • *.recurly.com