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Configuring the ThreatLocker Proxy

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Download the latest ThreatLocker Proxy here


The ThreatLocker Proxy allows organizations to dedicate a single computer to proxy all endpoints connections to the ThreatLocker Cloud. 

Proxy Service Installation

Extract the contents of the zip folder to your C drive (i.e. C:\ThreatLockerProxy\) 

Note: This can be changed, just update the InstallService.bat file to reflect the correct path

Edit ThreatLockerProxy.exe.config

Set the "ProxyURL" key to the URL you will use internally, including the port (e.g. https://tl-proxy.threatlocker.com:8443)

Note: This cannot be an IP address, it must be a domain

Once the config file has been updated, run InstallService.bat as an Administrator

ThreatLocker Agent Install/Configuration

Update the following keys on the computer registry to point to your proxy server using the URL specified in the config file


This can be done before installation on the computers

Note: If adding these keys after installation, you need to disable Tamper Protection; for details on how to do this, please review the article here.

For assistance with a deployment script or a custom installer, please email support@threatlocker.com


If using HTTPS you will need to add the certificate to the host running the ThreatLocker Proxy

Import the certificate and take note of the Thumbprint of the certificate

Run the following command in PowerShell as Administrator

netsh http add sslcert ipport=[IPaddress]:[Port] certhash="[Thumbprint]" appid="{b1713c9c-3db8-45e7-963c-6b13a8d5cf4c}"