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Deploy ThreatLocker Using InTune

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This article is based on documentation from Microsoft and has not been verified by the ThreatLocker team. 

Source: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/mem/intune/apps/intune-management-extension 

  1. Log in to the ThreatLocker portal;
  2. Make sure you are managing the correct organization, or switch organizations using the Organizations page. 
  3. Click on the Computers page;
  4. Select Install New Computer;
  5. Download the PowerShell Script for the group you are installing.

Add into Microsoft InTune.

Sign in to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager Admin Center.

  1. Select Devices > PowerShell scripts > Add. 
  2. Enter a script name and description and select Next; 
  3. Script Location: Browse to the location of your ThreatLockerPS1 Script and select Next;
  4. Select No under the "Script Signature Check" section and select Next;
  5. Select No (default) runs the script in a 32-bit PowerShell host and select Next;
  6. 8. Assign any Scope tags (Not required). 
  7. Select Groups, you wish to assign to.  
  8. 10. Click next and Click Add to Add the Script.  

Please note: The endpoint will require a reboot in order for ThreatLocker to install.