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ConnectWise Automate Continuous Deployment

Creating the Opt-in EDF:

  • Open ConnectWise Automate.
  • Navigate to System-> Configuration->Dashboard->Config->Configurations->Additionals Fields.
  • We will create a New EDF that Opts in an Organization at the Client Level.
    • Field Name: ThreatLocker Opt-In
    • Field Type: Checkbox
    • Tab: ThreatLocker 
    • Data Screen: Clients
    • ToolTip: Clients that want TL deployed*
  • This EDF will be used to Opt-In the companies you want to deploy ThreatLocker to
    • Double Click on the client you would like to Deploy to
    • Click on the "Info" tab
    • Select the ThreatLocker Tab
    • Click on the Check Box to Opt the Client into Deployment. 

Autojoin Search Creation:

  • Navigate to Automation-> Searches-> View Searches.
  • Select Add.
  • Select the first "And " and select add a group.
    • Select the second "And" and select add a condition (we will select opt-in EDF visible under clients).

The second group that we add will allow us to compound the search criteria. We will be creating a "Not And" group that allows us to only show the machines without ThreatLocker.

  • Select the first "And" and add another group.
  • Select the third "And" that gets created and we will change this to a "Not And". 
  • Select "Not And" and add a group.

The "And" that gets generated under the"Not And" will change to Services under Collection Matches.

  • Select the autogenerated rule and change to Computer.Services.Name Equals "ThreatLockerService" ( Without Quotations and with the same exact camel casing)

Your search should match the image below:


Applying Search and Script schedule to the A Group:

  • Select Browse in the Left Nave 
  • Select Groups. 
We recommend creating a new Group dedicated to ThreatLocker Deployments.
  • On the Group being leveraged, select the drop-down for computers under auto-join searches.
  • Select the TL deployment search that was created.
  • Select Limit to Search.
  • At the top left, select Computers-> Scheduled Scripts.
  • Select the ThreatLocker Deployment Script.

If you do not have the script you can download and import the XML via this link.

  • After selecting the script, apply a schedule that fits your use case.